The health benefits advocacy concept is a direct response to the fast changing, and generally confusing, managed care environment. Our employee advocacy resource partner complements and supports our clients’ human resources departments an experienced staff of advocates are ready to provide confidential support in negotiating the healthcare issues.

The Advocates role includes the following services:

  • Work on behalf of the employees in dealings with health plans and providers’ offices
  • Troubleshoot claims, eligibility, and problems with provider networks to ensure timely delivery of care
  • Coordinate and interface with multiple parties, including health plans, hospitals, medical groups, provider offices, and collection agencies to resolve billing disputes
  • Educate employees about their benefit plans and the appropriate way to access them
  • Coach employees on effective doctor-patient interactions effecting worthwhile office visits
  • Provide employees with supportive information and various healthcare conditions.

Employee and Retiree Support

Benefit Resource Solutions provides comprehensive support for both active employees and retirees to assist them with questions, forms, enrollment, and other issues they might have.

Employee and Retiree Support includes:

  • Answering employee and retiree questions
  • Information and forms processing
  • Eligibility and claims issue resolution
  • Facilitation of pension and retirement processes

Dependent Eligibility Verification

The eligibility verification support you receive from our resource partner will relieve your staff from managing these time consuming inquiries as well as help identify trends and potential improvements in the communication process.

Dependent Eligibility Verification services include:

  • Response to employee questions regarding coverage, co-pays, etc.
  • Answers to inquiries from doctors and pharmacies re-eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and coverage levels
  • Information for third-party administrators related to employee eligibility, research, and other issues
  • Tracking, reporting and analysis