Benefit Resource Solutions consultative approach applies a practical analysis of the employers benefit platform and programs. We analyze the program based on its ability to satisfy the employers objectives and philosophy. In addition, always keeping cost variables and their impact in mind.

Our approach is useful for:

  • Overall benefit plan design
  • Evaluating proposals for new or revised benefits
  • Evaluating cost saving proposals
  • Effectively communicating an employer’s total benefits program to its employees

Employee Benefits are a significant element of overall employee compensation. Benefits have become an important part of the work rewards provided by employers and cannot be overlooked when planning compensation packages.

Employee Benefits currently represent a large percentage of labor cost for employers. Effective planning can help employers save money while still providing worthwhile benefits.

Employee Benefits may have been adopted on a “piecemeal” basis without being integrated into existing benefit programs. As a result, some benefit plans cost employers more than necessary, while others lack vital benefits. We thus find it is generally useful to review existing benefit plans to determine where overlapping benefits may exist. Likewise, we look for gaps in benefit plans and determine where new or revised benefits may be in order.

An Employee Benefits plan often provides benefits relating to a variety of employee needs or loss exposures. Therefore, Benefit Resource Solutions helps employers analyze employee needs to ensure that various benefit programs can be integrated properly with one another to provide optimum benefits to the entire company.