Benefit Services

Identify multiple healthcare provider networks and integrate state-of-the-art patient demand and disease management to actively manage the delivery of healthcare to its members.

Stop Loss Claim Administration

Analyze risk retention levels, financial transfer options, underwriting decisions and coordinates the “art and science” of reimbursement decisions.

Case Management

Diagnose plan documents in order to make certain that you’re chronic and acute conditions are actively managed and market competitive in it’s the ultimate cost.

Prescription Benefit Management

Financial transparency and full disclosure vendor partners recognize the difference between efficacy and utilization rates.

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee productivity is not a choice between mental health and physical health.

Dependent Eligibility Audit

The supply chain of information determines who is truly eligible for benefits. Employee tracking for date of hire, benefit eligibility, termination, and benefit statements reflect some of the information stored within this type of third party administration. Tracking for COBRA, HIPPA, FMLA, Section 125, payroll feeds, product vendor feeds, and other data mapping and fundamental data collection comprise the major elements of an eligibility system.