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Benefit Resource Solutions is a marketing service organization for a set of benefit vendors that are well established and experienced in meeting the needs and requirements for benefits sources of employers. Our focus is to align resource vendors with prospective clients with the goal of driving costs and increasing efficiencies for the health and welfare benefits.


Our Standard

  • Identify the Employee Benefit Standard that you have set for yourself.
  • Analyze that Employee Benefit Standard against the market.
  • Diagnose which standard meets “best practices” and are useable for your organization

Our Services

  • Services Procurement
  • Experience and Subject Matter Expertise
  • Accountability
  • Measurable Outcomes

Our Solution - a benefit that counts!


Why Learn More?

  • Benefit Resource Solution uses the proven methods of a written implementation plan executed by a dedicated client team with defined responsibilities.
  • It has been our experience that disappointment will prevail when the actual outcome and the expected outcome are not synchronized. In order to eliminate any confusion, we author a collaborative “letter of expectation” that is a signed by each party. There is not much more to it.

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